You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero | Book Summary

Jen Sincero lives an amazing life. She shares her experiences with us in every chapter to explain how someone who used to see herself as the average person has moved up in her life and created something for herself. Now she wants to share her secrets with us so that we too can be badasses and live amazing lifes. Sincero understands that there is something better for everyone out there, just waiting for us to discover our true potentials and seize the opportunities before us. In this witty book filled with Sincero’s adventures such as backpacking through southeast Utah’s desert wilderness to not such epic, but still daring, journeys as buying a car that she believed she couldn’t afford. She provides these tales to show us that the impossible can be achieved if we just reach for our goals.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

How You Got This Way
My Subconscious Made Me Do It
The G-Word
Present as a Pigeon
The Big Snooze
Self-Perception Is a Zoo
How to Embrace Your Inner Badass
Love the One You Is
I Know You Are But What Am I?
What Are You Doing Here?
Loincloth Man
How To Tap Into The Motherlode
Meditation 101
Your Brain Is Your Bitch
Lead with Your Crotch
Give and Let Give
Gratitude: The Gateway Drug to Awesomeness
Forgive or Fester
Loosen Your Bone, Wilma
How To Get Over Your B.S. Already
It’s So Easy Once You Figure Out It Isn’t Hard
Procrastination, Perfection, and a Polish Beer Garden
The Drama of Overwhelm
Fear Is for Suckers
Millions of Mirrors
The Sweet Life
How To Kick Some Ass
The Almighty Decision
Money, Your New Best Friend
Remember to Surrender
Doing vs. Spewing
Beam Me Up, Scotty
The Book at a Glance
Final Thoughts
Now What?

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